Whether you need a brand development, marketing strategy or copywriting services, my process is much the same. I have a specific way I like to do things that will help us work together efficiently and effectively.

Step 1 – Ready Player One

20-minute Initial consultation (FREE!)
First, let’s see if we’re a basic match.  What is your budget? Timeline? Just so you know, my minimum branding project rate is $1,300 and monthly content creation retainers start at $200. I also require a 50% deposit before we begin work. Whew. Now that that’s out of the way…

In our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your business, project goals, and timeline.  If it sounds like we’re a match, I will draft a proposal outlining the scope of work, a list of deliverables, timeline, and fee schedule.  Upon accepting the proposal, we will sign a contract and get going! Plus, I’ll send you a free Character Sheet (more fun to say than “brand assessment form,” right?) to get us started.


Step 2 – The Adventure Begins!


We will schedule another call, this time to get into the real nitty-gritty stuff. We will discuss things like your mission, values, how you got into your industry, your ideal client – all the things I need to do my job. I will record this call and send you a copy of my notes including ideas, drafts, doodles or whatever is appropriate for your project. If we are working on brand development this will be a core part of what we do together. If not, I still need a clear understanding of your brand voice to do my best work.

Step 3 – Into the Wilds

After a bit of back and forth via email, slack or whatever your preferred method of communication, I’ll go into my writer cave (sort of like a hobbit hole, but with Wifi) and get busy with research and production. I’ll communicate with you regularly with updates.  Feel free to contact me at any point for a sit rep.

Step 4 – Return to Base

Review & Live Edit Call
We will schedule a call to review all the deliverables. We will discuss any requested changes and check to make sure that we’re both staying true to your brand and project goals. We will make some live edits on the phone call. Others may require additional time to complete.  After our call, I’ll put everything together in its final form.

If you require my participation in an additional edit round we will switch to an hourly rate until it is complete. If you only need minor changes to the master document(s) I’ll provide those gratis. Minor changes include word swaps, adding in missing components like pricing, or small text edits you have provided.

Step 5 – Level Up!

When I have incorporated all the agreed upon changes I’ll submit the final deliverables. I’ll get all the original files to you in whatever format works best. After that, we’ll have a short wrap-up call to talk about our process, what things worked and what needs improvement. If you’re willing, I will record the call and use it for a case study or as part of a testimonial.


Ready to get started?

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