Sheena VanDeVanter

Sheena VanDeVanter, Branding Strategist

Sheena is a geek and a gamer with a passion for helping others find their voice. She has an extensive background in communications and writing as well as project management and leadership.

She is one of the founders and showrunners of ChupacabraCon, a tabletop gaming convention in Austin, Texas. Sheena is the co-host of Holy Crit! podcast, an insider’s guide to TableTop gaming, designers, and the conventions that love them.  She is an active member of her local gaming community and regularly contributes to geek culture and gaming sites.

She lives in Austin, Texas with an amazing husband, two fabulous step-kids, many cats, and books.  Lots of books.

  • Favorite RPG to run: Call of Cthulhu Londinium
  • Favorite RPG to play: D&D5E
  • Favorite Board Game: 7 Wonders
  • Favorite Card Game: Smash-Up
  • Favorite Video Game (currently): Fallout 4
  • Favorite Retro Game: Joust
  • Favorite MMO: World of Warcraft
  • Favorite TV: Firefly
  • Favorite Movie: 5th Element