5 Awesome Gifts for Your Favorite Geek

Whether it’s your boyfriend, daughter, best friend, brother or boss chances are good you have at least one geek in your life. Make yours gush with joy for their birthday, anniversary or favorite holiday with one of these great gifts priced from $5 to $50.

1. Star Wars Bin

This affordable yet stylish bin brings the Star Wars love while providing practical storage for anything from legos and toys to tools or accessories. The 5.7×8” box fits nicely in a cabinet or under a sink. It is made from easy to clean polypropylene, the design etched rather than printed on so it won’t scratch off even after heavy use. Great for kids and adults! $5 from Target.

2. Erlenmeyer Flask Mug

Is your geek more of a mad science type? Whether they like to concoct cocktails or distill drip coffee, this erlenmeyer flask mug will be the perfect addition to their laboratory. Made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass it is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Just be careful not to confuse it with any other flasks! $12 from sciencecompany.com.

3. The Ever-Popular Geeky T-Shirt

Teeturtle has some of the best designs – quirky, humorous, adorable and/or edgy. Typical shirt prices range from $15-$20 with sales low as $10. Shirts are made from 100% Super Soft Ringspun Cotton and come in a variety of sizes and styles from kid’s small to adult 3XL. $20 on teeturtle.com.

4. Solid Metal Dice

As any tabletop gamer will tell you, one can never have too many dice. Anyone can pick up plain plastic dice at their local game store, so why not go for something truly special? These solid metal dice from Paladin Roleplaying will be the envy of all! This highly polished full set of polyhedral dice feels great in the hand and sound fantastic when they hit the table, especially when you roll a natural 20. The set comes in a super swanky presentation box with a 1 year warranty. $39 from Amazon.

5. Gamer Bag

Going to a convention? Gaming with your home group after work? This durable messenger bag provides the perfect compartments for toting rule books, pencils, character sheets, dice and laptop. The Bag of Holding from Think Geek does it all with multiple compartments (4!), padded shoulder strap and top handle. Grey canvas with black accents and d20 zipper pulls, this stylish and elegant bag works both in the game room and the office. You’ll swear it’s bigger on the inside. $50 from Think Geek.


Featured image courtesy of Andrew Neel via Unsplash


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