Spin by Robert Charles Wilson

My Rating:
4.5 rating

Imagine that you’re hanging out in your backyard. Maybe you’ve had a cookout with friends or are just enjoying the night air. The sky is dotted with stars. The moon is opalescent and full. And then…

The stars go out. The moon? Gone. The sky becomes a black shroud of nothing.

What happens next in Spin by Robert Charles Wilson is a story on both global and deeply personal. It follows the life of Tyler Dupree and his two friends, a brother and sister named Jason and Diane Lawton. It follows the trio as they grow up in a post-blackout Earth.

This is one of the best works of Science Fiction I’ve read in recent years. It combines a beautifully crafted piece of speculative fiction with an endearing personal story of love, loss and the human condition.

Wilson gently grabs readers by the hand, guiding us through the twists, turns, tragedies and triumphs of his characters, never letting go but never pulling too hard, either. His gentle voice reminds me of Alexander McCall Smith but with the visionary scope of Heinlein and the visceral, personal touch of early Laurel K. Hamilton.

Highly recommended!
Warning – Language, violence, adult situations.


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